Honda Jazz interior modifications

Post On: 10 November 2012
November 10, 2012

Honda Jazz interior modifications, the interior is the central point that worked with a focus on the theme and quality craftsmanship. Modifications on the pillar A, B, C, the ceiling, door panels, and several other panels are made to adjust the conversion on the roof and doors.

Honda Jazz

Honda Jazz (

AlterPro do the whole dressing Wollsdorf Edelweis Leather combined with Synthetic Leather with Tan color and Hotspur in almost all parts of the interior of the Honda Jazz. Every stitch using the latest technology with a variety of stitching techniques and certain pressing to get the OEM touch on any custom job.

Indicators special order using all indicator LEDs with full support in it. Created specifically that support the theme is futuristic Honda jazz. Steer still use it to keep using the OEM airbag and triptonic features, coupled with stiching and leather wollsdorf, as quoted from okezone.

RGB Led by mood lighting are applications on the interior light on a car that can be adapted to the mood of the owner of the car, access is via IPhone or Ipad. Projector Touch screen at roof, a feature that is touch screen multimedia as a means to show off when the car is used as a means of exhibition / promotion.

Imobilizer system, keyless the Honda Jazz modification is making access to engine start simply by pressing the start button on the key installed in the hole, so it no longer required a key to start the engine.

Virtual Android smartphone indicator, an indicator of additional virtual application displayed by android smartphones mounted on the steering with Bluetooth as a means of support wireless data provider.

Automatic window closer is the other interior features, where the left and right windows will close automatically when the door is closed condition engine cut off, the condition of engine cut off, and the doors lock by remote conditions, thus maximizing the additional safety factor. Do you want have Honda Jazz interior modifications like this?

Honda Jazz modification

Honda Jazz modification (

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