Types and tips to overcome scratches on the car

Post On: 11 November 2012
November 11, 2012

Your car scratched? Do not rush to the garage. You can handle yourself without spending much money. If your car is exposed to scratches, first consider the type, if mild, you can fix it yourself at home. Here are types and easy tips to overcome scratches on the surface of the car:

scratches on car

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Types and tips to overcome scratches on the car:
scratches light
Scratches are mild form of blisters on the surface of the car paint can be caused accidentally, like nails scratching, throwing gravel when the car is running, or even when washing the car. You do not have to worry about this because the various scrapes scratches will not pass through a layer of paint vehicles.

You can remove it by hand. Spray wax on the micro-fiber pad, then rubbed repeatedly scratches the affected area. After that, wipe with a clean towel micro fiber.

Scrubbing processes need to be restarted if the scratches on car are still visible. If the stain is faint, you can applying car polish so shiny surface of the car again.

scratches were
This type of stroke is usually touched base coat of paint. You can remove these scratches with touch-up paint. Before repainting, you need to clean the scratched surface with grease and wax remover first.

scratches in
Scratches in the base layer is usually metal. To handle this, you need to paint and sand. At first etched parts smoothed with sandpaper grit 800-1000 thickness, then sanded back with 1200 grit thickness. When finished, spray paint and thinner mix to return the car surface perfection. If you find it difficult, you can consult a workshop.

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