Cars and trucks in U.S. use black box

Post On: 7 December 2012
December 7, 2012

The high rate of accidents in the United States, making the Institute for Road Safety and Traffic U.S. (NHTSA) took the initiative to embed the black box in cars and trucks. The device adopted in aircraft is thought to facilitate the police in exposing the event of an accident.


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As quoted from Inautonews, The Budget White House said has been studying proposals and will soon help NHTSA to issue this regulation. In the NHTSA proposal requiring all cars and trucks use the black box.

The black box function to record data and voice recording trip in the cabin. The instrument used is called Event Data Recorder (EDR).

But a number of manufacturers who are members of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers (AAM), such as General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota and Volkswagen asked to reconsider the policy.

“EDR can help our engineers to understand how the car facing real life, but we also have to look far ahead. We need to ensure that we can maintain privacy,” said AAM spokeswoman Gloria Bergquist.

Gloria said further that the car manufacturer can not access EDR without consumer consent and the government might EDR installed on all vehicles but should include measures to protect consumer privacy.

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