Luxury hatchback in India

Post On: 24 January 2013
January 24, 2013

luxury hatchback

luxury hatchback

After the lack of success with sales of luxury hatchback variant in China, three major German car manufacturers are BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz ready to turn attention to the Indian market.

Luxury hatchback variant in India market

As quoted from autoevolution, German car manufacturer will launch its luxury hatchback variant in this year.
Starting with the Mercedes Benz that will issue all variants new A Class in mid-year, followed by BMW with New 1 Series and Audi will be possible to follow the competition by releasing variants of the Audi A3.

According to head company consultant at Muambai, Neelesh Mundekari, if you choose the right scale, it is essential for success with the right model, vehicle insurance and the right price too.

“India is a poor country, but people still want something fancy. At the appropriate point and at the right price, they will buy a BMW or a Mercedes Benz,” said Neelesh.

German car manufacturer itself is hoping to take advantage of the newly formed middle class in India. Even in experienced a decade of India economic growth quite extreme.

Furthermore, IHS Automotive India Managing Director, Deepesh Rathore said when people in India have bought a BMW or Mercedes they would not return to a lower automotive brand.

“when someone in India has been a customer of a luxury car manufacturers such as BMW and Mercedes Benz they will not return to a lower cars brand,” he said.

Keep in mind also, the automotive market in India alone is expected to penetrate the top three in the world of automotive sales in 2020. In that year the growth of the automotive market in India will increase by four-fold compared to 2012 last year. So selling luxury hatchback in India today is the right step.

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