Safest cars version Euro NCAP

safest car

safest car

Safest cars version Euro NCAP – In choosing a vehicle, safety features to be one of the factors to consider. Moreover, when it decided to bring the vehicle to a distance far enough.

After read Inautonews, recently independent safety organization Euro NCAP has announced the list of cars that have the best security level in 2012 ago.

List of safest cars version Euro NCAP

Euro NCAP has released 8 itself safest cars based on classes. Before announcing the list of names is safest cars, Euro NCAP tested 36 vehicles made last year.

As a result, the BMW 3 Series became the first rank of the safest cars sedan class families, followed by Fiat 500L Small class MVP and also Ford B Max class of the same.

On a class of small off road 4X4, there Ford Kuga as the safest car. Ford Transit being the safest car for the family and Vans grade to grade off the road there is the Hyundai Santa Fe.

Renault Clio own a car and the safest of the Supermini class to class five-door hatchback was Volvo V40.
So, if you want buy cars, that is list safest cars version Euro NCAP can be guide also able to minimize auto insurance for your vehicles.