Harley Davidson Sportster street racing style

Post On: 12 February 2013
February 12, 2013

Harley Davidson Avanzare

Harley Davidson Avanzare

An unusual sights trial demonstrated Asterisk Custom Cycle when modified a Harley-Davidson Sportster. If generally HD Sportster modified chopper style and dragrace style, this time from Japan’s home modifier brings Harley Davidson Sportster street racing style.

When you first see it, would be fooled by the look America motorcycle dubbed Harley Avanzare it. Because it looks now no longer strong like first but more sleek and trendy colors adopted.

Harley Davidson Sportster modify street racing style
Almost all sectors experienced a change, from the frame, the body until the legs. Asterisk Custom Cycle want to combine Harley chopper style, cafe racer, old design to the new.

At the gas tank, Asterisk deliberately designed to embrace peanut models in order to maintain the character of Harley. While the stern is very tapered to indicate the aggressiveness Harley Davidson Avanzare.

Games color shown is quite interesting. White combined brown with simple graphics make this bike becoming unsightly. In order to maintain the impression of vintage, then the round lamp with chrome speedometer adorn the front Harley Sportster Avanzare.

While in the shock front legs using the shock upside down alert Ohlins while rear wearing monoshock plucked from Honda NSR500 Grand Prix. Blue Cross wheels with gold gear set makes HD Avanzare more eye catchy and look safe when apply motorcycle insurance.

On the exhaust, Harley Davidson Sportster Avanzera using exhaust with offroad character labeled Pro Circuit. This exhaust is often used in the motocross arena.

Remarkably, motorcycle named Hideki Hoshikawa Avanzare has won several prestigious awards such as Best in Show and the AFT Visionary Award at the event LA Calendar Bike Show. This shows that the Harley Davidson does not have any restrictions when venturing into the world of modification.

Harley Davidson Sportster

Harley Davidson Sportster

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