Onedoorcar concept car from Rusia

Post On: 16 March 2013
March 16, 2013


one door car

OneDoorCar – concept car from Russia. Safety and comfortable car length 2.5 meters for 4 persons or the same length like “Smart fortwo” from Mercedes (2.7 m) – for six persons.

At the Geneva Motor Show in 2013 in addition to many premiers of the new models of cars was one not official, but perhaps no less interesting event: for more than 20 of the largest automobile companies, was privately presented Russian concept car, which can change the situation on the roads in the future.

The car uses classic engine, transmission and aggregates, and can be put into production today. But this car have only one door, and this door located at the back wall of the car body, what give the chance to integrate in car the really powerful safety framework, like in rally cars.

Inside the car on the central longitudinal axis of the car body is located passage, which provides an opportunity to moving for driver and passengers from the door to four seats, which installed on sides of the passage and to two additional folding seats, which are fixing in the passage when they needs.

The car’s width and height is comparable to a large SUV (height of the car 2.10 m, width with the outside mirrors 2.16 m), but the length of the car is very short, for 4 persons – 2.50 m, for 6 person – 2,70 m, because the motor of the car is located on the side of the passage under one or more seats.The same solution can be used and for little bit more long car, for 8 or more persons.

Inside the car is very spacious, height in the passage more than 1.80 m, car can have a very good interior trim and comfortable seats.

Expected positive effect:
Reducing traffic congestion in cities by 30-40%, increasing the number of parking spaces by 70-80%, reducing the number of accidents on intersections of roads due to improved visibility for the driver, a significant increase in the level of safety of the driver and passengers in case of serious road accidents.

The author of this solution – Alexander Createric, private business consultant from Russia, also representing on website the simple and original architectural solution for the construction of urban pragmatic eco-houses.

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