Honda Zoomer X future scooter

Honda Zoomer X 450x337 Honda Zoomer X future scooter

Honda Zoomer X

This time, Honda made a breakthrough in the motor industry, particularly in Southeast Asia. Recently the Honda company show Zoomer X scooter that is predicted as a future motor matic in the arena of Bangkok International Motor Show, Thailand.

Motor which is the latest generation of Honda Ruckus is very futuristic design and aims to create the impression of driving fun in a scooter.

As quoted from April 2, 2012, a new scooter by motorcycle manufacturer from Japan is called the Honda Zoomer X. With a body that blends elements of nakedbike and agility of the motor scooter, makes it motorcycle look very unique and more fresh.

Strong impression can be seen from the legs use of gripping the shock upside down ring 10-inch alloy wheels with rugged threaded tires. In the seats have a cavity that can also be open to the side. Besides that, refreshing new look is also evident from the stacked headlights, unlike Honda Ruckus models that use multiple lamps.

Currently, the Honda Zoomer X is still a prototype bike, and scheduled to be manufactured in Thailand. So, wait this future scooter be launch, okay.

Honda future scooter 450x300 Honda Zoomer X future scooter

Honda future scooter