When the right time for oil change?

oil change 450x337 When the right time for oil change?

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Wise motorcycle users would know how to take care of his beloved motorcycle, but do you know when an oil change should be done?

When the right time for oil change?
“We’ve done the research, the data obtained in many motorists who regularly care for more special motorcycle oil change after receive a monthly salary,” said Ivan Rastianto as Advertising and Promotion Manager PT. Gemilang Indonesia, Evalube lubricant manufacturer in Jakarta, as quoted from okezone.

Oil change every month is often times be the bike owner, but technical limitations at the time the actual reimbursement is determined from the number of kilometers that elapsed after the previous oil change. But it is a good idea to replace the motor oil once a month in order to maintain the condition of the engine.

“It does not hurt to change the oil once a month, it’s just a consequence more extravagant costs, but wait until the limit is usually totaling 3,500 kilometers to 5,000 kilometers and inappropriate,” said Ivan.

Ivan also added an oil change should actually pay attention to the condition of the motorcycles. Oil circulation in the engine also serves as an engine coolant. Use in the city is considered more needed attention when compared to usage outside of the city.

In the city, more stop and go, motor engine also heavier due to radiator cooling circulation is less effective when jammed. Use different when out of town, the radiator had a lot of supply of air,” he explained

In conclusion, replacement of vehicle lubricants regularly pay better attention to the condition of the vehicle engine. The reason, condition and use of each vehicle is different for each owner.

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