Brake oil leak detecting

Post On: 11 April 2012
July 14, 2012

brake oil

brake oil

Brakes are one of the safety features that are used by all driver to slow down and stop the vehicle. Thus brake need for routine and intensive care.

Warning of a brake oil occurs by detecting that the brake pads and wear long, so it is necessary to refill the brake fluid is needed. When the age of brake pads are new and you have to add brake fluid, is a sign that there is a leak in the brake oil.

As quoted from Automotto April 10, 2012, brake oil leakage is detected from a puddle of oil under the car or physical examination in an area that leak. And should, do not ignore the decline in the level of brake oil as it can cause major accidents.

Brake oil leak detecting relatively easy, by the time it takes about 30 minutes.
Here are some tools are needed to detecting of brakes oil leakage:
– Nuts and wrenches.
– Equipment to fix the brakes
– Detection of oil
– Oil fence
– Manual for vehicle manufacturers
– Screwdriver
– New brake shoes, if you need to be replaced
– Vacuum to the hose
– New brake discs, brake cables, and new hoses as needed
– Vacuum oil

Instruction to car brake oil leak detection:
a. Look under the hood
Check metal pipe for the brakes, disc brakes, metal and rubber joints for signs of leakage.

b. Check the area under a parked car
A thin transparent fluid puddle in the back of the car show there is leakage of brake oil. If there is no visible oil drops, stepped on the brake pedal and observe the signs of leaks.

c. See problems in the brake cylinder on the main
Discover the main cylinder at the rear of the engine compartment. Ensure that the cylinder cover is attached to the meeting. Open the lid and check the brake oil level in the brake main cylinder.

Also check the main cylinder and connections needed additional brake. Check the seal around the push rod to see signs of leakage. Do the same to see the caliper piston seals. Note that there are areas of the droplets, wet areas or areas that gushed from the main cylinder to rise to the wheels. Note the cracks in the rubber hose or corroded parts.

Brake leak repair tips:
1. Restore the calipers
Use of equipment to improve performance brake calipers or by buying a new one. Replacing the new calipers as a more economical option for you. Use a wrench to remove the brake bolt.

Do the same with iron and on the rubber brake lines. Set the air out of the piston to keep it low, then add oil to the calipers. Replace calipers and give the line for the position of the previous bolt. Make sure the air system in accordance with the position calipers.

2. Change the wheel cylinder
Open the lid after removing the wheels and tires all the existing bolts. If you see rust, rubbing the oil on the rust. Lower the brake shoe and use a screwdriver to remove the brake, and check the brake shoes.

Replace the brake shoes when found covered in liquid. Remove the brake line with a vacuum attached to a hose. Loosen the wheel bolts on the plate cylinder in the back. Attach the new wheel cylinder for braking the new position. Mark and tighten the screws.

3. Reposition the brake hose or line
Remove the old brake lines and hoses before. Attach the new brake line on the main cylinder and the caliper and remove the air system before.

4. Enter the new main cylinder
Find the main cylinder. Remove the lid and then the main cylinder emergency brake fluids. Remove the main cylinder from all parts of the brake and electrical connectors. Use the key socket to loosen and remove traces of previous bolt. Replace the main cylinder with the new one, then tighten the bolt. Create a similar connection by adjusting the air intake system.

Tips brake oil detecting:

# Do not draw the conclusion that little puddle at the bottom of the car as there are no leaks. Please check the braking system.

# Press the brake pedal once to check whether the brake is enough air.

# Keep in mind, you need to pay attention on both sides in improving the condition of the brakes. Replacing parts on both sides will get the required braking effect.

Things to note when detect of brakes oil leak:

* Use jack stands to raise the model.
Never use a jack that is used to change a tire. Denied the power needed to ensure adequate security for yourself while under the car.

* Do not do the activity without protective equipment.
Make sure you have gloves, eye protection and clothing to avoid the danger that the brake fluid can cause corrosive when it contacts directly on your skin.

brake oil leak

brake oil leak

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