Toyota Lexus being the luxurious brand from Toyota

Post On: 29 June 2013
October 24, 2013

toyota lexus

toyota lexus

Toyota Motor Corporation is the multinational head quartered at Toyota City in Japan. It has over four million employees worldwide with reported manufacturing of 200 million vehicles in 2012. The Toyota stands at third position behind General Motors and Volkswagen Group across globe.

Every vehicle satisfies a different class of customer, having its own uniqueness intact. Toyota Lexus being the luxurious brand from Toyota has its own unique position in the market, bringing in the advantage from Toyota Group of expertise in technical domain. Today Lexus stands as a separate entity since the beginning but the basis are same as of a typical Toyota model.

The Lexus LS is the flagship sedan of the company with a bit of issues with quality. In order to prevent the problem to damage the reputation as the luxury brand, new Lexus LS was released with revitalized new style with enhanced road presence and greater brand image with up gradation in technology for a better driving dynamic because of class of experience. The exterior features of Alloy Wheel further refine the process with the durable material usage with Alloy Rims of trendy design. The Roof Rail further give the hard core look to this vehicle, with additional advantage of extra luggage carriage.

The responsiveness is optimized by smooth turn working best though the four wheel drive option with latest technology inculcation. The Navigation and TV on single screen not only provide great on road experience with access to favorite program but also work on providing greater knowledge related to vicinity from complete details of nearest petrol pump, hospital and hotel making the important places on your tip.

The handling is also optimized with engine displacement compatibility with the weight. For the minute details like engine type, the overall length, breath and height are all considered before making the 2013 model available in the market. The safety features includes Advance Pre-Collision Safety System which functions on a greater level supporting Anti-lock Braking System and Traction Control, so one can freely drive without the tension of collision or slip on road.

In the year 2012 the Lexus has two new dealership positions including the Lexus Delivery Specialists customizing new car deliveries according to the overall needs of owner. The second one being the Lexus Technology Specialists are more focused on customer satisfaction by complete compatibility with the technology employed. This strategy is expected to give long term benefit as educating people about the technology multiplies ease factor with confidence in company at the end.

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