Safety tips for pregnant women when driving

Post On: 18 September 2013
September 18, 2013

Safety tips for pregnant women when driving – Lea Indra, Communications Director of PT. FMI said Ford engineers and designers are now considering and seek to design and manufacture vehicles that are not only safe but also comfortable for pregnant women.

pregnant driver

pregnant driver

“To design it, engineers and Ford designers to experiment with wearing empathy belly, this is an outfit that has a heavy inserts on the stomach, weighing three kilograms bag that provides pressure to the bladder, and a container for water and ball bearings which mimicked a mild kicking fetus,” Lea said as quoted from

After researching and studying the experiences of pregnant driver, Lea continued, Ford found driving safety tips for expectant mothers.
Here, safety tips for pregnant women when driving:

First, wear your seat belt correctly. Make sure the seat belt is positioned under the belly, hips transverse. Shoulder straps should be between breasts, and be sure to pull the belt so that it is comfortable and fast.

Secondly, backed chair into a comfortable distance while you drive. Slightly tilting seat can also help. This will protect the stomach when the airbags work.

Third, give the pads on your back. If you have back pain related to pregnancy, place a small round cushion backrest to hold the lower back or use a rolled towel. This will help increase comfort when driving.

Fourth, a short break. If you drive a car in a long time, rest regularly to improve blood flow to the legs. The foot and ankle are prone to swelling and can get worse from sitting for a long time. Rest gently move the legs, rotate ankles and wiggle your toes.

Fifth, be a passenger. Sitting in the back seat is the safest place in the car for pregnant women. If you sit in the front seat, be sure to push the seat back as far as possible to protect yourself when working airbag.

Sixth, take your health data. Wherever she went, be sure to bring a pregnancy record card, which includes a list of detailed medical information, test results, and emergency contacts.
Those driving safety tips for pregnant women, to must know.

seat belt

seat belt

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