Medicare Advantage Plans will ensure security

A Medicare health plan type offered by a private company as approved by Medicare is the Medicare Advantage Plans. It provides the benefits of your Part A and Part B. Getting enrolled in the Medicare Advantage plans means:

  • Majority Medicare services are covered
  • They are not paid by Traditional Medicare


Here are 2 instances to understand how disabled people are benefited with Medicare Advantage plans:


Instance 1: In case a person suffers with brain injury due to some road accident and is young in his 30s. Though, this young man has improved, he yet has memory loss for short-term and fights depression.  Now, with this disability, this person cannot secure a job and so his finances are very stringent. Now to live independently, his requirement is:


  • Prescription drugs low copay
  • Assistance in living and rent expenses
  • Access to hospitals and doctors that is in use now
  • Mental health services


medicare advantage 2019The choice now is taking Part C and D of Medicare Advantage DSNP. This is because with disability and low income, he can get the benefits from Medicare plans and Medicaid. He can have Part A and B enrolled to be DSNP eligible.





Plan features

  • Drug prescription coverage
  • See any doctor
  • See providers without referral
  • Mental health outpatient services

Plan costs are $0 per month   with Dual Special Needs Plan premium also as $0 each month.


Instance 2: A couple could not save for their retirement as their paycheck was small and now if one of the couples is in 70s diagnosed with diabetes type 2, it is tough to manage living and health condition.  The requirement as expected is:


  • Easy plan to understand
  • Manage diabetes understandingly
  • Access to hospitals and doctors she is in use
  • Current medications and testing supplies diabetes coverage.


The choice now is to take Medicare Advantage plans Part C and D with DSNP.  You can get quotes for Medicare Advantage plans in 2019 at This makes an individual dual eligible such that they are Medicare eligible due to age and the low income fulfills the Medicaid eligibility. With DSNP, more benefits can be enjoyed separately from Medicare plans and separate Medicaid.


Plan features

  • Diabetes testing supplies $0 cost
  • $0 for DSNP per month
  • Total costs $0 per month based on Medicaid eligibility


Therefore being disabled or sick with low income and have a hope to lead life independently in the future can be possible with Medicare Advantage plans on understanding the details.