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Bugatti Galibier Concept four door sedan

Five years ago the official Bugatti introduced the four-door sedan, called Galibier Concept. But the car is still be a waiting list of the French car manufacturer. Bugatti Galibier Concept four door sedan This happens because of the difference opinion between the former Bugatti CEO Wolfgang Schreiber, and the new CEO Bugatti is Wolfgang Duerheimer. [...]


Chevrolet Cruze sold over 3 million units in 180 countries

One of the flagship sedan of General Motors, the Chevrolet Cruze, has achieved remarkable success enough. Sedan of this American car manufacturer has sold over 3 million units in 180 countries. With this result, the Chevrolet Cruze has exceeded its sales target this month in just 16 months since this model sold over 2 million [...]


Future car technologies – turning dreams into reality

In today’s advanced tech world, latest improvements are only as good as better things come along. In the auto industry, manufacturers are constantly competing with each other in the hopes of developing something so pioneering that nobody can reproduce. Cars are now safer, faster and more useful than ever before. New technologies are implemented to [...]


Ford future by 2015

Ford future by 2015, among the earliest car manufacturers in America is Ford Motor Business. The company began in 1903 and its particular existence was still preserved to the present. However, Ford’s expected life had not been that smooth sailing whatsoever. Lots of problems confronted its dedication to offer dependable automobiles to the majority of [...]


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