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Brands of cars recall in Australia

At least four car manufacturers in Australia to do a recall or withdrawal in January 2015. Each car manufacturer claims the existence of defects in its products. All of them have a different problem. Here are four brands of cars affected by the recall as reported from Drive. Brands of cars recall in Australia: Nissan [...]


Jeep Wrangler 3000 cc performance

PT. Garansindo Inter Global as an authorized agent of the holder of the Jeep brand in Indonesia officially marketed Wrangler 3000 cc (3.0 liters) as a replacement for the 3600 cc engine (3.6 liters). Although the capacity of the machine used a smaller but never doubted the car ability, especially in off-road terrain. Jeep Wrangler [...]


Buick concept cars that stunning

American car company, Buick, fascinating look at the Detroit Auto Show that was held recently. Target company General Motors was enough to glance the automotive enthusiast, because always brings the concept cars that stunning many people. According to Vice President of General Motors Global Design, Ed Welburn, since 1938, the Buick is known as automotive [...]


Harley Davidson Street 750 modified to motor racing

Harley Davidson Street 750 models modified to extremes by home modifications Collingwood, Victoria, Australia, Kustom Kommune, become the motor racing legend KR750. This bike was made as a tribute to the model XR750. As a result, the identity of a Harley to fade. Harley Davidson Street 750 modified to motor racing Jimmy Goode, from Custom [...]


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