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Jaguar will adopt all-wheel drive system in future

…ngine comes with all-wheel drive configurations, for reasons of high investment costs. For the same reason, all-wheel drive-owned Jaguar will not be offered in the United Kingdom. Because the demand for gasoline V6 engine with all-wheel drive system is still very small. However, the future Jaguar will design all of its variants use all-wheel drive system. Find car motor: four wheel drive vehicles, best 4 wheel drive vehicles, all wheel drive cars…

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December 4, 2012

Ford EcoSport be Ford popular model

Ford expects a lot of the newest small SUV, EcoSport. Ford EcoSport is predicted to be Ford popular model well in the American, European or other continents. Ford will give supply from domestic products and India. Ford EcoSport Ford EcoSport be Ford popular model Automobile manufacturers from the United States will have to calculate the production supply approximately 30 thousand EcoSport from India in 2014. However, demand from consumers for…

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April 16, 2014

Ford Fusion 2013 details

…is valid for most standard Ford Fusion. Ford itself was not officially announced the price of Fusion 2013. 2013 Ford Fusion rates are listed by the configurator. Ford Fusion 2013 comes with five different trim levels. Five levels are Ford Fusion SE, Fusion S, Fusion SE EcoBoost, Ford Fusion Titanium, and Ford Fusion SE Hybrid. The price offered start for USD22.495 of type Fusion S, and the supreme model of all-wheel drive Ford Fusion Titanium pri…

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July 14, 2012

2015 Ford Everest launch next year

…d is not sure when the latest Everest entered Southeast Asia, similarly as reported from indianautosblog. 2015 Ford Everest 2015 Ford Everest launch next year Previously, latest Ford Everest ever exhibited in Sydney, Australia, but still in the form of a concept car. Developed by a team of Ford, later generations Everest will be present in two drive systems, ie two-wheel and all-wheel. The 2015 Ford Everest designed with off-road capability bec…

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November 14, 2014

factor supporting success of product Low MPV vehicle

…er than a car with a monocoque frame. But on the other hand, must be recognized by the system monocoque body frame gives more comfort in the interior. RWD cars FWD cars Find car motor: best all wheel drive cars 2015, all wheel drive cars, all wheel drive cars 2015, 2015 all wheel drive cars, rear wheel drive cars, best all wheel drive cars, best all wheel drive vehicles, 2015 All Wheel Drive Vehicles, all wheel drive suv, best 4 wheel drive car…

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September 23, 2013

All new Ford B-MAX is magic future car

…nterior Designer. All new Ford B-MAX will be present with the latest Ford engine, which is EcoBosst technology. Ford claims this car engine has a fuel consumption figure 20.4 km / liter. Behind bonnet, buried 1.0-liter Ecoboost engine that is able to throw 120 hp maximum power and the low CO2 emissions 114 g / km. Ford B-Max technology is equipped with start/stop starter, with the feature ‘Eco Mode’, which helps the driver to drive mo…

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July 14, 2012