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2015 Chevrolet Equinox

Safest new cars that you may drive in 2015

Post On: 21 March 2015
March 21, 2015

…n and a main concern among both consumers and analysts. With every year that goes by, we see a wider variety of cars hit the market. But which are the safest we can drive this 2015? Together with NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), the IIHS (Institute for Highway Safety) is raising the bar and proposing more rigorous testing programs in order to ensure a safer driving experience. Here are 2015’s safest new vehicles you can dri…

New Honda Jazz and All New KIA Sportage won numerous awards

…nominated in the same category and the category of Best in Specialty won three awards, namely Best Compact SUV, Best Design, and Best Budget. More proud of it, at the end of the show was KIA All New Sportage has been named Car of the Year ICLA 2012. “We are very proud for All New KIA Sportage can earn the highest award,” said Hartanto Sukmono, Marketing Director of KMI. All New KIA Sportage Find car motor: new pokemon game 2015, new

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July 14, 2012

Most Popular New Cars in India that You Must Check Out

…perienced article writer and is a passionate car lover. He has published many articles on the web regarding the new, latest, best and upcoming cars in India. In this article, he has shared information about the new cars in India. You can also visit for more information. Find car motor: new cars for 2016, when do 2016 cars come out, when do the 2016 cars come out, New 2015 Cars Coming Out, new car malaysia 2015, cars for 2016, new sports…

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July 4, 2013

new Hyundai Fluidic features

…sively stealing the hearts of countless Indians using its first class cars for example Hyundai i10. The Hyundai cars have introduced the main one new dynamic vehicle within the Indian market i.e. new Hyundai Fluidic Verna. new Hyundai fluidic new Hyundai Fluidic features and price This hyundai cars may be the major example before who plastic box 5000 booking in five days and number growing daily. The brand new Hyundai fluidic is the best synchr…

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September 30, 2013

Ford F-150 and VW Golf as best car in NAIAS 2015

…to Show 2015. Not only filled with a variety of luxury cars, but also a beautiful woman dressed in tight. North American International Auto Show or so-called Detroit Auto Show was covered by 5,000 journalists from at least 60 countries. A total of 50 latest car launched by various global vehicle manufacturers in this arena. New VW Golf GTI ( Find car motor: 10 Best SUVs Consumer Reports, best crossover vehicles 2015, best a…

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January 16, 2015

US planning for Future cars 2015

future cars 2015 Future cars 2015 is invested in the very first time that was around August 2005 by Obama administration within the fund $2.4 billion for hybrid cars so that it invites many industries for American automobile could develop their electric and hybrid cars to discover the improvement for battery power. It is planned by Obama in order to get 1 million hybrids plug – in for 2015 to help American automakers being competitive for world…

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July 28, 2012