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Ford motor will produces cheap car

Many car manufacturers are are interested to make a cheap and environmentally friendly cars. One of them is Ford, American car manufacturer who recently announced interest to play in a cheap car. cheap car ( Reportedly, cheap car that will be produced Ford the price will be under Ford Fiesta and will serve global product as Fiesta, thus was quoted from Inautonews. “We see car manufacturers around the world beca…

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September 11, 2012

Cheap car features

Cheap cars features, the government announced a policy of cheap and environmentally friendly cars or low cost and green car (LCGC) make Suzuki Indomobil Sales (SIS) helped bring Karimun Wagon-R into the country. Suzuki Karimun Wagon-R In fact, DGM Marketing Brand & Product Development PT. SIS, Joko Utomo said, to compete with other LCGC, Suzuki Karimun Wagon R as cheap car comes with several features that contain elements SUPER mainstay. &…

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October 11, 2013

Porsche boxster parts buy cheap

…g other small part because they are selling car for junk. You also could find out any salvage Porsche including 356, 914, 911, and 928 on Ebay. Even you could find out individual performance parts for this Porsche car. 5. Find out local Porsche repair shop that is around your area since they have junk parts that could be sold in a cheap price. Make sure that you made a list of the owners so that you could visit it one by one and make a comparison…

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September 24, 2012

Yamaha produce cheap motorcycle

…ll get a good response,” explaind Hiroyuki Suzuki, Yamaha India MD and CEO. Further, Yamaha already has a cheap bike, like the Yamaha YBR 110 and Crux. However, the motorcycle was still much cheaper than the new Yamaha motorbike is being planned. Yamaha motorbike Find car motor: 2015 yamaha venture motorcycle, 2015 star motorcycle line up, yamaha 300 motorcycle, yamaha touring motorcycle rumors, yamaha official site, Yamaha 300 2015, yamaha…

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July 14, 2012

Cheap car Toyota – Daihatsu marketed next year

…ment’s regulation of cheap cars environmentally friendly (LCGC), Astra had already launched two models of cheap cars that Astra Toyota Agya and Astra Daihatsu Ayla in Jakarta. They seem to want to be the first when rules Low Cost Green Car out. Brother cars of Avanza-Xenia will be priced ranging around USD 10000. Problem fuel consumption, this city car projected at 22-30 km / liter. Toyota Agya which means fast and Ayla which means light, d…

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November 5, 2012

Cars and trucks in U.S. use black box

…g the Institute for Road Safety and Traffic U.S. (NHTSA) took the initiative to embed the black box in cars and trucks. The device adopted in aircraft is thought to facilitate the police in exposing the event of an accident. trucks ( As quoted from Inautonews, The Budget White House said has been studying proposals and will soon help NHTSA to issue this regulation. In the NHTSA proposal requiring all cars and trucks use th…

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December 7, 2012