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Hyundai Eon small features

…ai Eon, the Sportz variant might have Driver airbag, Keyless entry, Front fog light-obvious lens, Body coloured door handles and OSRVM, 3 spoke aluminum finish controls, Metal finish inside door handle and Airbag warning signal on console. Hyundai Eon D-LITE Find car motor: 2015 hyundai truck, hyundai trucks 2014, 2013 hyundai elantra oil type, hyundai trucks 2015, hyundai all wheel drive models, Hyundai 7 Passenger Vehicles 2014, oil change sch…

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June 6, 2013

Jeep Wrangler Recon and Jeep Wrangler City Sleek edition

…el is not completely new, more frightening article edition Jeep is still using the base Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 2 door and Wrangler Sahara 4-door that has been equipped with a series of accessories and spare parts from Mopar (Chrysler official home modifications Group). “Jeep Wrangler Recon has off-road capability as well as a maximum appear more aggressive,” said Chief Marketing Officer of Chrysler Indonesia, as quoted from…

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October 11, 2013

How to compare motorcycle insurance

How to compare motorcycle insurance – You’ve always wanted a motorbike. Now that you’ve got one, the next phase for you personally is to buy motorcycle insurance. But because of so many motorcycle insurance providers available, its difficult that you should determine which the first is right. In the end, you’re having to pay them your hard-gained money. motorcycle insurance You may as well obtain the best that will focus…

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July 6, 2013

Fiat 500 five door will launched in 2015

Fiat 500 five door will launched in 2015 – The car manufacturer Fiat is rumored to be presenting the latest models of Fiat 500. This new model no longer has two doors, but a five-door. Fiat 500 After read from Worldcarfans, the latest car models are prepared to replace the Fiat Punto. In the design of this model will be the same as before, only its dimensions will be longer. It is not known whether the new Fiat model will use the same eng…

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December 29, 2013

Indonesia Car of the Year 2012 by category

… In 2012, the finalists were 30 cars from 11 APM were classified in ten classes. Ten categories include Small MPV (1000-1400 cc), Small MPV (1401-1700 cc), MPV Small Box, Medium MPV, SUV 4×2 Petrol, Diesel 4×2 SUV, Small Sedan, Medium Sedan, Sedan, and Small Hatchback. Assessment involves six independent judges during the eight days of testing at Circuit Sentul, Bogor. Tests include city orientation, performance tests such as ac…

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November 26, 2012

Bugatti Galibier Concept four door sedan

…e the original philosophy, not so with Duerheimer. Speaking with Automotive News, Duerheimer said powerful four-door car powered Bugatti is still “frozen”, but he admitted that he would continue to observe the Bugatti Galiber concepts. Although far from agreed, Bugatti Galibier has a powerful enough force if mass-produced later. This model will have a power of 1,340 horsepower (999 kW) and has a maximum speed of 235 km / h. The power…

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September 5, 2014