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Car technology is most wanted

…he computer system will take over the wheel when the driver is busy on other things, such as call. In addition car technology is most wanted, technology in the car also features some of the devices, starting from the radar, sensors, cameras, GPS and portable communication devices, in order to interact between a car with another car. car without driver Find car motor: foto most wanted, foto mous wanted, gambar mobil most wanted, gambar mos wanted

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July 14, 2012

Mazda not wanted to make hybrid and electric engines

Mazda has not wanted the bandwagon to make a hybrid or electric car, and is said to still use gasoline and diesel engines. Mazda’s familiar enough to make the model comfortable driving with affordable price tags, but all of them use the conventional machines. Mazda logo Mazda will maintain the policy for Europe in the future. Whereas other Japanese manufacturers like Toyota and Honda have invested heavily to the development of hybrid or e…

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July 10, 2013

List of most wanted car brands on Google

List of most wanted car brands on Google. Ford become the most wanted car brands on the site Google search this year. In the United States, Ford managed to surpass Honda in second place. car brands ( The next position is occupied by Toyota, Lincoln and Dodge, Nissan, BMW, Jeep, Chevrolet and Audi. Google analyzes the 1.2 billion searches in 146 countries. For Germany, the most requested car brand is Opel, and BMW…

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December 14, 2012

Reliable car brands in America

…its high gas effectiveness and negligible power-plant difficulty. Honda will come in their email list of top 10 most gas successful cars and this excellent characteristic includes a sensible cost. Its gas mileage is 22Or31, value commences from $21,000. Pontiac Ambiance will be astonished to see by investing in its just 1.8 liters engine, it can present you with the energy that you’ve constantly wanted. It is listed below $20,000 hence maki…

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March 1, 2014

Daimler and Tesla will work together again

…-Class EV are under development. But that’s not the point, now according to Reuters and Autoblog, Daimler wanted more. This information comes from Bodo Uebber, Daimler Chief Financial Officer, “I’ve already told my colleagues to go back to Tesla and look for another opportunity (to work together). We’re looking for more opportunities.” Uebber not specifically discuss what products or items that may have resulted from…

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November 1, 2013


Indeed, in some ways Daimler and Tesla already share in the executive level, the Smart Fortwo ED is using Tesla battery and B-Class EV are under development. But that’s not the point, now according to Reuters and Autoblog, Daimler wanted more….

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November 1, 2013