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Future concept cars

future concept carThis time, air pollution and high price of fuel oil which cause global warming an important issue for all car manufacturers. Then, autocar industry should be implement future concept cars and able to make efficient vehicles and an environmental friendly in the future era. All car manufacturers continue to innovate in terms of technology, until one day a car that was created is no longer dependent on fuel oil. Some models of th…

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July 14, 2012

Used Car Business Opportunity Attracts Many People

In the business world, a business selling used car pretty much in demand and also promising big profit. In fact, many consumers are interested in the used car business with a wide variety of reasons. In addition to be used as a hobby and the hobby of collecting antique cars, as well as selling or buying a used car is also a great solution for consumers. used cars One of the consumers who ever bought a used car would have admitted if an interest…

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October 19, 2014

Fulfill your Dream to Own a Car by opting for Used Cars

Owning a car is a common dream people see. Car makes travelling much easier for people and if it is their own vehicle, they can use it whenever they wish. These days, cars have become a necessity for people as everyone travels a lot. used cars Car owners: Most people now own a car keeping in mind the importance of a car. About 600 million cars are there in this world. This proves that many people in the world already own a car and more and mor…

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January 4, 2013

GINA as the BMW Future car concept

…gh the price is relative in the expensive level. That was not the problem for several people who choose the BMW car because they choose it based on the quality of the product. Nowadays, BMW grows perfectly in the middle of cars’ market emulation. They have their own way to reach and get the best market. The Bavarian Motor Work has their concept for BMW Future car. The BMW Future car will really make all the cars’ market eyes see them because it i…

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August 1, 2012

No substitute Bugatti Veyron supercar

Many rumors say that the Bugatti is preparing new Veyron more awesome. This supercar will have 1,600 horsepower power called the Bugatti Super Veyron and more fast then previous car. Bugatti Veyron supercar The super car is predicted to be the fastest supercar in the world and will go on sale early next year. But the news was immediately denied by the President of Bugatti, Dr. Wolfgang Schreiber. According to Wolfgang as reported by Autoblog, B…

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August 22, 2013

Dubai police car use Bugatti Veyron

police car Dubai police really know about the tastes of a sports car. After using the Nissan GT-R, Chevrolet Camaro, Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, this time the Dubai police adopting the world’s fastest car, Bugatti Veyron. Dubai police car use Bugatti Veyron No doubt if Bugatti Veyron adds a long list of exotic cars that used a law enforcement officer in this Middle Eastern country. Generals Khamis Mattar Al Muzaina, as Deputy Director of Dub…

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May 19, 2013