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Best motorcycle in the world

best motorcycle Motorcycle must have several criteria, so can be call the best motorcycle in the world. The criterion is a powerful, fast, attractive design, and economical. So, no wonder if the motor manufacturers competing to create a motorcycle by combining all four criteria. Not only want to sell on the market, the motor producer in the world is also hoped that if the product would become a wonderful transportation tool of all time. Here is...

best motorcycle

VW Passat specification in Geneva Motor Show 2012

...;re VW fans, Hybrid car version of the Volkswagen Passat officially scheduled to launch in the event the Geneva Motor Show 2012 which will be held March 6, 2012. VW Passat was officially produced at Controlled Power Technologies and the Advanced Lead-Acid Battery Consortium. In making hybrid VW Passat, Volkswagen has been cooperating with the two companies from British and the United States. For British company, VW join with the Controlled Power...

hybrid VW Passat

Cars variant in London Motor Expo 2012

cars variantAt least 250 cars variant took part in the London Motor Expo 2012 exhibition. In addition to showing off a new design or performance of the engine, the London Motor Expo also will be crowded with low-emission cars. Some new models of its British manufacturer making debut in London Motor Expo 2012 event. Call it the Jaguar’s XF Sportbrake premium. There was also a German manufacturer, BMW, which will feature BMW 6-Series Gran C...

London Motor Expo

Brammo Empulse an electric motor

...better ride for users,” explains Craig Bramsher, CEO of Brammo. Differences were found in suspension. Brammo Empulse reinforced semi-adjustable suspension, while Brammo Empluse R use fully adjustable suspension. Brammo Empulse planned to go on sale next year at a price of USD 16995. While the electric motor version of the Brammo Empulse R present earlier, namely in June 2012 with the official $18.995 USD. electric motor Brammo Empulse R...

Brammo Empulse