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General Motors plan to acquire Tesla Motors

…ven with an investigation into battery fires, good Tesla’s name still continues. The question is, whether Tesla CEO Elon Musk is willing to sell its biggest asset. Find car motor: all general motors model 2015, 2015 general motors vehicles, tinker motors philippines, tinker motors philippenes, tinker motors dmx 250, tinker motors cebu, tata phil car review, tata motors philippine prices, racal thunderbolt review, Racal car motors price 2014…

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2015 Chevrolet Equinox

Safest new cars that you may drive in 2015

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…you know if you’re straying from the lane. In the latest crash test scores, the Lexus NX did an excellent job. 2015 Subaru Forester The Japanese automaker Subaru has been centering its attention on safe car manufacturing for decades. Their motto is to come up with safe vehicles that can stand beautifully against collisions and crashes on the road. The company’s latest Subaru Forester has a rugged and robust design, and it excels at keeping pas…

China became number one market sales of General Motors

China became the number one market sales of General Motors (GM), and is able to defeat the United States. GM is not alone playing in the Bamboo Curtain. General Motors has a business partner and has recorded a jump in sales of 10.6 percent in the first half of 2013 (January-June). General Motors This figure translates to sales touching nearly 1.6 million cars, which are sold in the Chinese automotive market. China is able to win around 200,000…

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General Motors SAIC YeZ American automaker General Motors in cooperation with the representatives of China, namely SAIC, to create a concept car of the future, which has zero emissions and are able to produce oxygen. YeZ car as it has a rooftop solar panel that can absorb carbon dioxide from the air around it. Then turn it into oxygen through the photoelectric conversion process. Oxygen will come out through a small turbine wheel that is in the…

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US planning for Future cars 2015

…cating and training the work as the way to help the transition for producing these new vehicles for future cars 2015. Third, it is about the recipients of grant given. For General Motors, they got $241 million as the fund to create battery packs that needed as the fuel for Chevrolet Volt. For Ford, it granted around $92.7 million to create hybrid cars within the components. Meanwhile, Chrysler got $70 million for producing plug – in hybrid electr…

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Great career making children’s mother is staying be the strongest candidate to replace current General Motors (GM) Chairman and CEO, Dan Akerson….

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