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Infiniti plans new vehicles concept to compete BMW and Audi

…finiti concept vehicleThe luxury car manufacturer under the auspices of Nissan, Infiniti announced plans on new vehicles concept are prepared to compete with the BMW 1-Series and Audi A1 in 2014. The plan, the new Infiniti vehicles will be produced in factory residing in Grazz, Austria. Unfortunately Infiniti concept vehicles are reluctant to divulge names, but it certainly will be far more interesting than the BMW and Audi. Thus was quoted from…

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July 14, 2012

Luxury hunt vehicles

hunt vehicle Luxury hunt vehicles. For the rich people who like to hunt animals in the wild, tough vehicles with luxury amenities into the main requirements when their diving hobby. The hunt vehicle must have a place to store weapons and other supplies to survive. And most importantly it provides comfort like a palace despite being in the woods. The first vehicle which was considered most appropriate to accompany the rich people of hunting is t…

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July 14, 2012

Vehicles in United States required to have rear camera

The United States government released new rules that all vehicles are required to have a rear camera. This regulation itself should be done by middle 2018. rear camera Vehicles in United States required to have rear camera The rear camera is intended to prevent pedestrians involved in an accident when the car is running backwards. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) or the U.S. highway safety agency, this ru…

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April 2, 2014

Honda developing small electric powered vehicles

Apparently small sized vehicles will be the trend in the future. It was also recognized Honda Motor Co., Ltd. is currently developing a prototype vehicle Honda Micro Commuter, named Honda Micro-Sized EV. Honda Micro-Sized EV In a release ans as quoted from viva.co.id, the prototype was developed by Honda in Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan, and will begin to be tested in the fall of this year. This prototype will be unveiled Saitama City…

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July 27, 2013

Future concept car arena

…ar Future concept car arena This was done by PT. Toyota Astra Motor (TAM), this time featuring hydrogen-fueled vehicles otherwise known as the Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV). After a lengthy trial, the vehicle is finally ready to be released into the market in 2015 in Japan and California (USA). “There is the most complete supporting facilities,” said General Manager of Corporate Planning and Public Relations of PT TAM Widyawati. Acc…

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October 24, 2014

Vehicles in United States putting black box

black box Vehicles in United States putting black box – When a plane crashed, rescuers orientation after helping the victims and securing the location is looking for a black box. This tool is a record flight data storage, usually placed on the aircraft for the purposes of investigation if an accident occurs. The data contained in it can determine the facts. Vehicles in United States putting black box into car dashboard Reported Thecarcon…

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April 20, 2013