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US planning for Future cars 2015

…tric motors, they will get award for grant money within the total around $500 million. The last for grant money news is there will be an award for which buying plug- in hybrid completed with all – electric vehicles in order to test the demonstration for different locations around US. Of course, those grants is given based on the educating and training the work as the way to help the transition for producing these new vehicles for future cars 2015

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July 28, 2012

Future cars concept information

future cars Future cars concept information. Future cars concept is needed for you if you think that you will have a plan to upgrade or buying the newest car for future. Well, this is the time for you to have more time for browsing and find out what your concept toward your future cars. There are a lot of potential future car that you could seek by visiting online car information so that you could add more knowledge and plans for your future ca…

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2015 Chevrolet Equinox

Safest new cars that you may drive in 2015

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March 21, 2015

…oss the SUV’s forward path. The car can even use the automatic brake system at speeds that are less than 19mph. 2015 Toyota Highlander This mid-size SUV becomes active the moment the driver starts the car. All Highlander models feature a drive knee airbag, out of 8 airbags in total. Among other valuable safety add-ons, we distinguish: lane departure warning system, automatic braking and forward collision warning. As an extra option, you can opt…

Toyota future car models for developing countries

…r Toyota than any other brand. Now, Toyota prepare future car models for developing countries. However, for the future, except in three areas, Toyota plans to expand its network to countries that are developed or developing countries like Brazil, India and China within two years back into the automotive center in Asia. In the plan, Toyota has set up eight new future car models of compact size that will be produced by 2015, as quoted form by Reute…

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KTM to mass produce electric motors

…electric scooter called e-Speed. In fact, E-Speed ??was on display at the Tokyo Motor Show 2013. Since then it KTM has introduced three models of Freeride electric motorcycle at a prestigious exhibition in Europe, EICMA. Three motors are MX, Enduro and Supermoto. Sources at KTM as quoted from Asphaltandrubber, said it would not make the e-Speed ??in the production model in the near future. This indicates that the KTM is still exploring the elect…

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Ford future by 2015

Ford future by 2015, among the earliest car manufacturers in America is Ford Motor Business. The company began in 1903 and its particular existence was still preserved to the present. However, Ford’s expected life had not been that smooth sailing whatsoever. Lots of problems confronted its dedication to offer dependable automobiles to the majority of car finders however they have successfully dealt with this as time pass. Despite the fact…

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