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Volkswagen Up be the best car

...designed by VW designers from Indonesia, Chris Lesmana. As quoted from Autoblog (April 9, 2012), the Volkswagen Up got rid of the closest competitor BMW 3 Series and Porsche 911. Previously there were 34 new vehicles from all over the world are selected, then reduced to 10 and the last three finalists to be the best car. Chris Lesmana working on the VW Up along with Klaus Bischoff and Marco Antonio Pavone. Design patents registered in the United...

Volkswagen Up

Future cars design was adopted from animals

future carIn the future competition in the global automotive industry increasingly stringent. So it is not uncommon of them continue to innovate in car products to attract consumers, like future cars design was adopted from animals. Innovation is not just in terms of technology and features, but also of the form design. Even the world’s leading automobile manufacturers began to develop the design of several unique car in the future that w...

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