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Future concept cars

…ry unique concept car. They make the car a futuristic technology that can integrate with their owners. So, this car will learn to grow along with the owners to be aware of the wishes and needs of the owner. Of course by detecting the feelings and emotions owners. See the features of this kind, it it took a long time to make it. But this car is very attractive for the future vehicles. – Biome Mercedes Benz Concept Car Concept cars made by M…

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July 14, 2012

Used Car Business Opportunity Attracts Many People

…we do it in a strategic place. The first factor is that the supporters of the Indonesian people assume that the car is one of the important needs to have. The next factor is the government regulation of car ownership in Indonesia is very beneficial owners of the car, partly because the tax is quite low. A further factor that is due to mass transit or public transportation in Indonesia is still considered not good enough, so most people choose to…

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October 19, 2014

Fulfill your Dream to Own a Car by opting for Used Cars

…he paper works and other registrations according to the laws. One need not anymore be worried about affording a car. A car that is used can be just as good as a new car if bought wisely. Owning such a car from a car service is affordable and also lets one to travel in his/her own car. Find car motor: new electric cars for 2015, when do new car registrations come out 2015, new car colors for 2015, new car designs for 2016, Average New Car Prices 2…

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January 4, 2013

Mercedes Benz SLC 2014

Mercedes Benz SLCGerman luxury car manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz confirmed that the SLC variants began to enter the production phase in 2014. The announcement was made immediately in the event of the Beijing Motor Show in 2012 some time ago. As quoted from Inautonews, Mercedes Benz SLC will penetrate global markets in 2014. While the price is projected at 75000 pounds. Mercedes-Benz SLC will come with a two-door like most sports car. This Mercy c…

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July 14, 2012

Mercede Benz concept future car

…t from conventional models that exist today. At first glance the design as the technology of autonomous driving cars or vehicles that can run itself into the goal. Autonomous technology is developed using models of Mercedes Benz S Class Intelligent Drive. In early 2014 the vehicle was tested. In addition, the technology is also used in the model autonumous Future Truck 2025. Originally the interior design of the new Mercedes will be shown in the…

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November 28, 2014

Range Rover Sport 2014 is unique

Range Rover Sport 2014Jaguar Land Rover finally unveiling of the Range Rover Sport 2014. The design is the result of merging the Evoque model with new Range Rover Sport. Land Rover design director, Gerry McGovern, said the result is unique. The realization of the 2014 Range Rover Sport displayed Land Rover on their official website. “This car looks so unique, with unique features as well. Could see the tuning on the suspension and roll ba…

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March 29, 2013