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Mercedes-Benz Coupe SUV Concept against BMW X6

…ugh a nine speed automatic transmission with a torque converter with 4MATIC all-wheel drive system. Mercy Coupe SUV Concept engine capable of spraying power of 333 HP (245 kW) at engine speed of 5,500 rpm and torque of 480 Nm (354 lb-ft) between 1,400 and 4,000 RPM. Handling is governed by the air suspension with adjustable damping and Active Curve System. Mercy Coupe SUV Concept Find car motor: suv towing capacity comparison chart 2014, best sm…

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April 23, 2014

Levelling the Playing Field – SUVs Becoming More Affordable

…affordable 4×4 car. The following decade, things started going downhill until the “democratically-priced” SUV made resurgence in the last decade. Some of the new and popular SUV models may not be as big and versatile as their more expensive predecessors, but they do pack in all the necessary features and electronics associated with SUVs. The best thing about them is their price, of course. Here are just a few of the more new and slightly mo…

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July 15, 2012

Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar launch SUV cars in 2015

…sedan, but the British car manufacturer that wants to try their luck in the segment of sports utility vehicle (SUV car). For the first time since its establishment 80 years ago, Jaguar plans to launch an SUV, named F-PACE in 2016. The announcement was made in the event North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) or can be called the Detroit Auto Show. Jaguar brother, Land Rover, has long played in the SUV segment with its Range Rover models….

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January 14, 2015

Ford F-150 and VW Golf as best car in NAIAS 2015

…to Show 2015. Not only filled with a variety of luxury cars, but also a beautiful woman dressed in tight. North American International Auto Show or so-called Detroit Auto Show was covered by 5,000 journalists from at least 60 countries. A total of 50 latest car launched by various global vehicle manufacturers in this arena. New VW Golf GTI (carscoop.blogspot.com) Find car motor: 10 Best SUVs Consumer Reports, best crossover vehicles 2015, best a…

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January 16, 2015

SUV Rolls Royce will present at 2017

…rrently Rolls Royce with its parent company, BMW Group, began evaluating designers who were preparing a sketch. SUV RR development team is currently trying to determine the shape and continue to brand what is suitable for the newest SUV. Find car motor: 2017 new suv, #1 suv in america, number one suv in america, new 2017 concept suv, most research suv in the philippines, MOST POPULAR CARS IN THE PHILIPPINES, coolest suv 2017, best new suv 2017, 2…

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May 14, 2014

Features should be in safest SUV car

Features should be in safest SUV car, would you like to find the most secure sports utility vehicle 2014 available for sale? Yes, if you are going to get a Vehicle, then you must choose the most safest car accessible. How will you understand that which vehicle will be the safest SUV car 2014 ? Let’s talk of in regards to the characteristics, which you should look at during the time of declaring any Vehicle as the most dependable Sports uti…

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March 21, 2014