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Mitsubishi Mirage Sedan concept model

Mitsubishi Mirage SedanMitsubishi car manufacturer display newest variant concept, Mitsubishi Mirage Sedan at New York Auto Show 2013. This concept car model has previously been introduced at the Bangkok Motor Show 2013. Mitsubishi Mirage Sedan Concept is called by the name G4, while its introduction in the event Bangkok Motor Show. Japanese manufacturers are calling it a compact sedan with superior fuel efficiency. Its base is taken from the M…

Post On: 6 April 2013
April 6, 2013

Mitsubishi Mirage Evo concept car

Mitsubishi Mirage Evo Mitsubishi Mirage Evo concept car. This time, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation seems to want to continue the glory of Evolution (Lancer Evo) on the other variants outside the Lancer, the Mitsubishi Mirage. Mitsubishi Mirage Evo is predicted to have a more casual face with a body kit, large wheels and an aggressive bumper design. Not only that, brakes and suspension also gets revised. Its weight will be more light that is 900…

Post On: 5 June 2012
July 14, 2012

Mitsubishi Mirage Ralliart like racing car

Mitsubishi racing car Mitsubishi Mirage as a small urban car has a posture that is able to move swiftly. This city car will be more visible nimble when styled like a rally car like this Mitsubishi Mirage Ralliart. Mitsubishi Mirage Ralliart like racing car This city car gets a touch on the exterior modifications. The carried design was inspired by racing cars filmed Ralliart, a house special modifications of Mitsubishi products for the arena r…

Post On: 20 May 2013
May 20, 2013

Get specification for Ducati 848 EVO model

Ducati 848 EVOGet specification for Ducati 848 EVO model. Ducati 848 EVO model as sportbike at this time is getting available in a sooner time within the standard model of carry – over and also completed with a middle weight combined with the color choice into three types that are arctic white silk, black stealth and the last is Ducati red. It called EVO because this model has “EVO” treatment since 2011 and then for the specification it has a p…

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July 14, 2012

Details cars look seductive at Beijing Motor Show

Beijing Motor Show 2014 mat used automobile manufacturers to showcase their best work. This is understandable because China is an important car market where lanterns State as the country with the highest vehicle sales in the world. BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept This automotive exhibition runs from 21 to 29 April 2014 in the Beijing China International Exhibition Center Hall. Not only the big automotive brands who market globally, a number of…

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April 23, 2014

Mazda latest model be challenger MINI Cooper

…Verisa 2013, but with a more stylish design, and become the kind of top of the Mazda’s mainstay hatchback models. Although the full specification of car model has not been released by Mazda, but reportedly this model will be developed and handled directly by Mazda Europe. This car will also come with dimensions slightly larger than the current Mazda Verisa. According to one source Mazda, this automobile model will also be available in high-…

Post On: 4 May 2014
May 4, 2014