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Mercedes Benz SLC 2014

Mercedes Benz SLCGerman luxury car manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz confirmed that the SLC variants began to enter the production phase in 2014. The announcement was made immediately in the event of the Beijing Motor Show in 2012 some time ago. As quoted from Inautonews, Mercedes Benz SLC will penetrate global markets in 2014. While the price is projected at 75000 pounds. Mercedes-Benz SLC will come with a two-door like most sports car. This Mercy c...

Mercedes Benz SLC

List of luxury cars

...s-Benz SL 550 This position is again occupied by Mercedes Benz. The high purchase price, maintenance costs, and insurance make this deserted German sedan car enthusiasts. Of pendaftara 5600 units in 2007 to 1,500 units in 2011. - Lexus LS 600hL Hybrid sedans on the market since 2006 has a base price of U.S. $ 119,019. Care costs and insurance for five years from the most expensive Lexus series is comparable to the purchase price. - Mercedes-Ben...

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2014 Mercedes Benz S Class


2014 BMW Z4 price list

...offered at a starting price of 36,950 euros or equivalent to USD 47,000. Actually BMW Z4 facelift is already on the road a month ago, and also had to be shown at the Detroit Motor Show 2013. Roadtser from German is now on sale in some destination countries, including Italy. 2014 BMW Z4 price without car insurance Price 36,950 euro offered for the BMW Z4 facelift is the most standard models Drive18i as entry-level. Then the model sDrive28i priced...