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Lamborghini sold 2500 vehicles in worldwide during 2014

Lamborghini sports car manufacturer announced the sale of its products during 2014. The car manufacturer based in Santa Agata, Bologna, Italy, it sold around 2500 vehicles in worldwide, utilizing a network of 130 auto dealers in 48 countries. Lamborghini sold 2500 vehicles in worldwide during 2014 Lamborghini Huracan “In 2014, Lamborghini showed satisfactory performance. Reaffirming our brand and our products,” says Stephan Winkelm…

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January 14, 2015

New Suzuki crossover will compete with Nissan Juke

…t and support the car cruising performance, Suzuki also will embed all wheel drive system, aka All Wheel Drive. Crossover which will be worked in a factory Suzuki, Honggaria will be thrown into the market in 2015. So, we just can wait and see in the future a New Suzuki crossover this. Find car motor: 2014 Crossover Vehicles Top 10, consumer reports crossover vehicles 2014, consumer report best crossover 2015, 2015 cars with v8 engines, which cros…

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June 22, 2013

Images of 2014 Toyota Corolla

…ariants will come with a CVT transmission, which will help improve fuel efficiency Corolla 2014. Toyota Corolla 2014 will be equipped with an engine capacity of 1.8 liter four-cylinder. Details are still very limited to date, more complete performance in detail will be provided ahead of the debut of this 2014 Toyota Corolla. Toyota Corolla 2014 Find car motor: indian motorcycles 2014 problems, Is Probuild Going Bankrupt, xn xx 2014, Best AWD Veh…

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May 16, 2013

first Jaguar crossover introduce in Frankfurt

…HP (250 kW). As information, in addition new crossover the British car manufacturer has not given any news about the Jaguar F-Type Coupe. However, according to recent rumors, the Coupe models require greater production costs than the Roadster. Jaguar Crossover or Jaguar XQ was just about to go on sale in 2015. Mass produced or assembled at the Land Rover factory located in Solihull, England. Find car motor: highest scoring crossover vehicles 2015…

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August 2, 2013

Top 5 Most Anticipated Cars for 2014

…ket. It has a high range of up to 100 miles, which can be extended with an optional gasoline engine to 190. The first run of the new i3 will be available later this year with a limited number of vehicles, before it goes into wider production next year. These are five of the top cars to keep an eye on at this year’s auto shows, all of which should have mass appeal. Hyundai i30 Fiat 500X Toyota RAV4 BMW i3 Find car motor: 5 best cars for 2014

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May 1, 2013

2014 KIA Sportage get few revision

2014 KIA Sportage get few revision – KIA United States of America has just introduced a Sportage facelift for 2014, there were a few revision in almost all sectors. 2014 KIA Sportage Changes contained in the 2014 Sportage looks from bar grille design. While the EX variants get a new fog lights, there are also optional for HID headlights and LED rear lights. 2014 KIA Sportage get few revision For car engine sector, 2014 Sportage crossover

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September 19, 2013