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Top selling Toyota Cars

…egments in which they have their presence. The carmaker enjoys a preferential status among the car lovers of India. For new cars & bikes log on to & Find car motor: toyota f1 2015, how much will the new ft1 cost, mail vanl org uk loc:US, toyota cvt transmission reliability, toyota ft1 cost, toyota innova g 2015 philippines, modifikasi agya, camry tyre malaysia, different type 4 runners?, 2017 toyota 4 runner…

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May 8, 2014

Features of Toyota FUN-Vii future car

Features of Toyota FUN-Vii future car – Toyota finally dissect the technology of concept future car, Toyota FUN-Vii is now parked at the Indonesia International Motor Show 2013 in Jakarta. Toyota Fun-Vii is a futuristic vehicle that is designed based on internet and promote interconnection and sophisticated driving experience. Toyota FUN-Vii Let’s look beyond the features of the Toyota future car is expected to be released officiall…

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September 24, 2013

Toyota Supra 2014 enter production line

Toyota Supra 2014Some times ago, Toyota returned to divulge the form of the latest generation Toyota Supra. In a leaked picture, Toyota ensures that its presence is expected in 2014. However, today the good news back announced Toyota Motor Corp. Japanese car manufacturer said the Toyota Supra 2014 generation of an exotic sports car is ready to enter the production line and certainly within the near future. Interestingly, the 2014 Toyota Supra w…

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July 14, 2012

Toyota Lexus being the luxurious brand from Toyota

toyota lexus Toyota Motor Corporation is the multinational head quartered at Toyota City in Japan. It has over four million employees worldwide with reported manufacturing of 200 million vehicles in 2012. The Toyota stands at third position behind General Motors and Volkswagen Group across globe. Every vehicle satisfies a different class of customer, having its own uniqueness intact. Toyota Lexus being the luxurious brand from Toyota has its ow…

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October 24, 2013

Toyota Verso use BMW engine

Toyota Verso use BMW engine, cooperation agreement between Toyota and BMW have already stepped into the ladder even further after the two agreed to share technology and vehicle engines. Toyota Verso The result of that cooperation is realized through a family car or a Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) Toyota Verso. It will be Toyota’s first car in history to use a BMW engine in it. After read from Leftlanenews, Toyota Verso use 1.600cc BMW diese…

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December 5, 2013

Toyota has spread 500 thousand hybrid vehicle in Europe

Toyota Japanese car manufacturer, has spread as much as 500 thousand units of hybrid variant in blue continent, Europe. Models to-500 thousand units of the Yaris Hybrid is silver produced in Valenciennes, France. Toyota Yaris Hybrid ( Toyota Yaris Hybrid with silver color will be sent to Mr. Pierre SCHILDER, as manager of Euro Media France. This is done with a ceremonial handover in GTA NOISY, Noisy-le-Grand, near the city…

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December 24, 2012