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What Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen have in Common?

…bout the interior trim? No surprises here – the Up! is the most expensive, and it feels it. That’s refreshing in a small car of this ilk – the Skoda and SEAT, though cheaper, just don’t match the sheer raw material quality of the VW. Add in some extras, though, and the picture changes. Volkswagen like putting nice stuff in their cars, and they expect their customers to pay top dollar for their doing so. SEAT and Skoda know their marke…

Post On: 23 October 2012
October 23, 2012

Volkswagen Up be the best car

Volkswagen UpThis year, Volkswagen Up be the best car at the 2012 New York International Auto Show, which took place 6 to 15 April 2012 in the United States. This award for VW Up may be pride for Indonesia. Although made ??in Germany, this small car designed by VW designers from Indonesia, Chris Lesmana. As quoted from Autoblog (April 9, 2012), the Volkswagen Up got rid of the closest competitor BMW 3 Series and Porsche 911. Previously there we…

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July 14, 2012

Nissan would overtake Honda in United States market

market After read from Carscoop, in two years or more precisely in 2016, Nissan predicted would overtake Honda in second position. As for the predicted Toyota will still dominate the market within a few years to future. With a wider range of vehicles, the styling is more popular, and more aggressive discounts, Nissan is predicted to overtake the Honda for the first time since 1987. Official Nissan itself is also targeting a market share of 10 pe…

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August 19, 2014

Volkswagen XL1 wear Ducati 1198 Panigale engine

Launch super efficient car, Volkswagen XL1 with lots of rumors and speculation. Some say that there will be changes to the prime mover, but still uses the same body and characteristics. Volkswagen XL1 Volkswagen XL1 wear Ducati 1198 Panigale engine Originally said the VW XL1 to be using engine 2.0 turbo engine from the GTI, but undeniable as Chairman of the Volkswagen Group, Ferdinand Piech, explains the special option has been specified, the…

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October 2, 2013

Volkswagen build new crossover at United States

…an car manufacturer will be done outside the home or at the VW plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States. volkswagen Volkswagen build new crossover at United States After read from Leftlanenews, the Volkswagen initially still considering whether this new car model will be manufactured in the U.S. or to the south line assembly facility in Mexico. Initially the VW denied to assembly in Tennesee because many conflicts going on in the state. H…

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June 25, 2014

Lamborghini Urus SUV to expand strong market

Lamborghini Urus SUV models launched by the Volkswagen Group was made to continue to expand its strong market such as China, Russia and the Middle East. VW wants to compete with the Maserati is preparing new Levante in next year. While BMW and Rolls-Royce also prepared in this segment. Lamborghini Urus Lamborghini Urus SUV to expand strong market Volkswagen Group has announced it will produce the Lamborghini Urus SUV in 2017. Sequel news, VW w…

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April 28, 2014