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Future concept cars

...ican automaker General Motors in cooperation with the representatives of China, namely SAIC, to create a concept car of the future, which has zero emissions and are able to produce oxygen. YeZ car as it has a rooftop solar panel that can absorb carbon dioxide from the air around it. Then turn it into oxygen through the photoelectric conversion process. Oxygen will come out through a small turbine wheel that is in the car. The first concept car th...

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Cars famous because appearing in movie

...ors has finally released the Chevy Camaro is inspired by the comic characters and the Transformers movie. Yellow car was made exactly to the character Bumblebee Autobot logo on the side panels, wheel covers, center console. - Ford Mustang The car that comes with two engine variants V6 and V8 has appeared in several films, one Fast and Furious and Gone in 60 Seconds. Ford Mustang car is perfect for action movies. The body is stocky and powerful m...

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Car technology is most wanted

...ology without a driver would be there in the showroom, at the earliest, in 2020. “By 2015, there will be a car company that sells a similar feature cruise control (auto run automatically without the driver),” said Burns, as quoted from Automotive News. With an automatic car, said Burs, each passenger will be delivered to the destination without the need to hold the steering wheel. Potential accidents became very minimal and the ride w...

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Fastest police cars in the world

...turbo 3.5-liter V6 Eco-boost. - Mitsubishi Evo X Mitsubishi Evo X made in units of Road Crime Unit (RCU). This car looks like a regular car community, and can also be used by police to a car which was merged with another car criminals to hide from radar. - Chevrolet Caprice Rear wheel drive car is equipped with a V6 and V8 engines. This car can move from rest to 100 km per hour less than 6 seconds and has qualified for police safety features....

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