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Triumph developing 125cc motorcycle

Triumph Motorcycle Triumph an icon motorcycle premium from British, is developing a new variant with engine capacity of 125cc. Motor with small engine is scheduled to be released into the automotive markets of developing countries, like India and Indonesia and most Asia countries. As quoted from Motorbeam, Triumph targeting the middle to lower segments and ready to play in 2013. Previously, Triumph is only focused on the development of large-en...

Triumph motorcycle


Aprilia motorcycle


Specification Aprilia RS 125

Aprilia RS 125The facts, Aprilia has always been a motorcycle dream for motor sport lovers in Asia. In addition to its sporty, this specification bike also has a maximum performance. In Singapore itself, many people favored Aprilia variants, one model is Aprilia RS 125. Each year, the Aprilia RS 125 has always been the backbone of PT Sun Motor who sells Aprilia motorcycles. This motor favored by bikers, because it has relatively low prices for...

Aprilia RS 125


Triumph Motorcycle