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Hello cars lover …. please give me attention, I want introduce blog about cars of the future. Yeahh … future cars blog is my blog about new cars specification, fast car, solar cars, cars 2, SUV vehicles, hybrid and electric cars. This time in new era auto technology is more advance, future cars are efficient [...]

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Toyota Camry 2015 in Moscow Motor Show

Toyota Russia plans to showcase Toyota Camry 2015 in the event Moscow Motor Show. This new model previously successfully spread the charm in the carpet New York Auto Show in the United States. Toyota Camry 2015 in Moscow Motor Show Differ from that shown in the land of Uncle Sam, the Camry is displayed at [...]


All New Honda Jazz enliven hatchback segments

The presence of the All New Honda Jazz increasingly enliven hatchback segments in nationwide automotive market. With a fresh look, this car continues to be hunted consumer and attaches All New Toyota Yaris which was ranked first in his class. Seeing the positive response All New Jazz or All New Honda Fit, Chief Marketing & [...]


Hybrid car challenger Toyota Prius

Hybrid car challenger Toyota Prius, cars energy efficient, and environmentally friendly hybrid cars seem like being loved by a variety of world automotive manufacturers. Especially with the success of one of the hybrid car from the world automotive giant, Toyota Prius. Several hybrid cars challenger Toyota Prius: With the success of the Toyota Prius, now [...]


Suzuki GW250F full fairing

Suzuki manufacturer returned to innovate on the bike GW250 known as the Inazuma 250. If the previous version of the half fairing (GW250S) has been introduced, Suzuki has now spawned a full fairing version, named GW250F. Suzuki GW250F full fairing The new model is introduced Haojue as a partner Suzuki China in Shanghai. In addition [...]


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