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Hello cars lover …. please give me attention, I want introduce blog about cars of the future. Yeahh … future cars blog is my blog about new cars specification, fast car, solar cars, cars 2, SUV vehicles, hybrid and electric cars. This time in new era auto technology is more advance, future cars are efficient [...]

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2015 Dodge Charger facelift version

This time U.S. car manufacturer introduce a facelift version of the Dodge Charger by premiere, in the event New York Auto Show 2014. This Dodge Charger status as a model in 2015, and will begin shipping to all the worldwide network of Dodge at the end of this year. 2015 Dodge Charger facelift version 2015 [...]


Is 2013 Porsche 911 worthy successor to family name?

The Porsche 911 is the signature sports car from this prestigious company, and it has a lengthy pedigree. The 911 was first introduced way back in 1963, and though it has seen many changes over time, some of the core features like the independent suspension and rear engine have remained. During these years, the car [...]


Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept sophisticated feature

In the automotive carpet New York Auto Show 2014, Land Rover introduced its newest concept car, Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept. This car has some sophisticated equipment. Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept with sophisticated features After read from Worldcarfans, Discovery Vision Concept comes with a much different view of the current Land Rover Discovery. More [...]


Car seat concept by Volvo

The latest concept was introduced by Volvo. But, this time the concept is presented is not a complete vehicle, but the car parts. Volvo to design a car seat that is safe and practical for a child passenger, air seat. Car seat concept by Volvo This chair was created by Lawrence Abele, design manager Volvo [...]


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