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Hello cars lover …. please give me attention, I want introduce blog about cars of the future. Yeahh … future cars blog is my blog about new cars specification, fast car, solar cars, cars 2, SUV vehicles, hybrid and electric cars. This time in new era auto technology is more advance, future cars are efficient [...]

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Ducati Scrambler will be shown

Few time ago, Ducati announced that the official photos new models, Scrambler, will be shown through Tumblr or Ducati official microblog. It will be the final stage of the campaign the Italian manufacturer is before the official launch of motorcycle. In its official statement, Ducati chose this way to attract the attention of Ducati fans [...]


Tips to cut cost of car maintenance

Tips to cut cost of car maintenance, vehicle maintenance is an important step to extend the life of car. Not only that, many automotive practitioners assess, maintenance is the heart in driver safety. Although somewhat important, but many car owners who choose reluctant to bring their vehicle to a repair shop for maintenance. And if [...]


Smart Driving program to reduce accidents

Although it has been to equip their automotive products with a series of security and safety features, Toyota still trying to reduce the level of accidents on the highway. One way that is done through Smart Driving program. Smart Driving program to reduce accidents In the program umbrella Toyota Smart Driving “Drive Your Life!”, Toyota [...]


Jeep Wrangler Willy’s appear open

Jeep Wrangler Willys appear open, Jeep continues to be one of the mainstays brand which sell by PT Garansindo Inter Global. To that end, Garansindo always show something new from this iconic SUV from the United States. In the Indonesia International Motor Show 2014, Garansindo display the latest models that Jeep Wrangler Willy’s. The design [...]


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