Smart cars feature in U.S.

smart cars 450x319 Smart cars feature in U.S.

smart cars

Smart cars for the specification and the weight are important since it is a bit oddity that is in U.S. For this car, there are five models which available within the side – by side comparison make those cars look like interesting. The common component that is available in the car itself is that the purity. For the Fortwo Pure Coupe as the base model it is priced for around $12,000 within the weight that is without driver is around 1,808 pounds. About the feature, it is around 1 – liter and there are three – cylinder engine which could generate around 70 horsepower. For the maximum speed, it works around 90 miles per hour that even could accelerate from 0 to 60 mph within the time less than 13 seconds. However, it could run for around 33 miles per gallon in the city, while 41 on highway.

The next is about passion for Fortwo Passion Coupe works as the sportier model. You could get it only by spending money around less than $14,000. For the weight of this smart car, however it is still the same with the pure version. All of the technical specifications are also the same in this Smart cars.

The next is about passion Cabriolet which bring different since there is identical similarities in pure and passion. It is remained for power train and of course it could be heavy since it has the weight around 1,852 pounds. The central change for standard Passion Coupe could be removing in the soft top. The model also could be upgraded within the audio system which works for MP3 player and also CD changer as the base of MSRP that is not more than $17,000. For BRABUS coupe, you could get it since the price is starting from $18,000 MSRP and it has the collaboration between BRABUS and also Smart cars.

Fortwo Pure Coupe 450x324 Smart cars feature in U.S.

Fortwo Pure Coupe

Fortwo Passion Coupe 450x337 Smart cars feature in U.S.

Fortwo Passion Coupe

Brabus passion Cabriolet 450x299 Smart cars feature in U.S.

Brabus passion Cabriolet