Spyder motorcycle interior and exterior in MR2

Post On: 10 July 2012
July 14, 2012

Spyder motorcycle

Spyder motorcycle

Spyder motorcycle interior and exterior in MR2. Spyder motorcycle for the MR2 type already introduced since 1984 which known well as the Japanese automaker on the mid – engine, within real wheel drive that categorized this car to be sports car. Within the unique architecture that is by placing the car’s motor behind the compartment for passenger in front of the rear tires. Then around 2000, the third version for MR2 began to be introduced. The production itself is came out since 2007 within the same mid – engine, rear – wheel – drive design within the predecessors that is still available to be the convertible spyder for the first time. The first thing is about drive train that completed with 1.8 liter inline and supported with four – cylinder engine.

For the engine core, you could find that there is aluminum block within aluminum cylinder which then head and designed with 16 – valve – double – overhead – camshaft in the design itself that made this motor looks like perfect within the bore around 3.1 inches and also the stroke that has 3.6 inch for the compression of ratio from 10 to 1 for Spyder motorcycle and even for the power plant inside it could produce for around 138 horsepower that is 6,400 rpm and also 125 ft. – lb. for the torque that could be at 4,400 4rpm.

However, in this motorcycle, you could never found any gearbox in automatic way since it is not offered. Exterior dimensions are also support this vehicle to be sporty, such as the curb weight around 2,195 and the wheel base is around 96.5 inches within the front track 58.1 inches meanwhile for the rear track is around 57.5 inches. The overall length is 153 inches and the width is 66.7 inches and the height is around 48.8 inches. This vehicle has ground clearance is around 4.9 inches within the turning diameter around 34.8 feet in Spyder motorcycle.

Spyder motorcycle engine

Spyder motorcycle engine

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