US planning for Future cars 2015

Post On: 28 July 2012
July 28, 2012

future cars 2015

future cars 2015

Future cars 2015 is invested in the very first time that was around August 2005 by Obama administration within the fund $2.4 billion for hybrid cars so that it invites many industries for American automobile could develop their electric and hybrid cars to discover the improvement for battery power. It is planned by Obama in order to get 1 million hybrids plug – in for 2015 to help American automakers being competitive for world market. There are some points that you need to know about that planning, if you are considering to buy future cars 2015. The first is about requirement. It is a fact that hybrid vehicles grants however must be available for U.S. manufactures in order to make research, training, production and battery supported by extra money to complete the truck stop stations for charging and electric rail for accommodation of those cars in 2015. Second, the news is about the grant money and the distribution.

U.S based companies will receive grant money with the total around $1.5 billion in order to produce batteries within its components and also it could be expanded to be battery – recyclable. For manufacturers that could produce components such as drive train parts, power electronics and electric motors, they will get award for grant money within the total around $500 million. The last for grant money news is there will be an award for which buying plug- in hybrid completed with all – electric vehicles in order to test the demonstration for different locations around US. Of course, those grants is given based on the educating and training the work as the way to help the transition for producing these new vehicles for future cars 2015.

Third, it is about the recipients of grant given. For General Motors, they got $241 million as the fund to create battery packs that needed as the fuel for Chevrolet Volt. For Ford, it granted around $92.7 million to create hybrid cars within the components. Meanwhile, Chrysler got $70 million for producing plug – in hybrid electric trucks and also for minivan. For the company that called as Navistar will get $39 million for the grant of building 400 batteries – powered for trucks. The last is about training grants. There are some universities as the place for training research, technicians, and also service providers in order to keep the deadline for advanced vehicles so that this planning is rolling for future cars 2015.

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