Volkswagen intends to terminate partnership with Daimler

Post On: 10 January 2013
January 10, 2013

The latest news from the world of automotive, German car manufacturer Volkswagen intends to terminate a partnership with Daimler. One of the automotive giant in Europe reasonable to have a closer relationship with its subsidiary MAN Truck.

Volkswagen van

VW van (

Why Volkswagen intends to terminate partnership with Daimler?

After read from Reuters, VW has develop its own model of van models. To note, the current model of the VW van produced by Daimler, this vehicle company is working with Volkswagen.

The two companies have agreed on a cooperation contract that ends in 2016, where van models like the VW Crafter and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is manufactured by Daimler.

“VW commercial vehicles division has been mandated to develop the next generation of Crafter,” explained the VW source is want call anonymity.

In response this issue, Daimler reported in September will contact VW to determine whether the partnership is extended or the opportunity to hold the Renault-Nissan.

While it past the VW boss Ferdinand Piech had said they would vote MAN Truck rather than Daimler as alliance partner fabricators van models. According to him, VW holds more than 75 percent of MAN stock.

Termination of partnership between the two automakers does seem nuanced business, as Volkswagen wanted to share profits with the company that is still in its management.

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