How a Car is Like A New Suit of Clothes

Post On: 3 February 2013
May 25, 2013



A car is kind of like a suit of clothes. And yet, it can be so much more. They say that clothes make the man, but what about his car? Or hers? Like it or not, the car a person drives says a lot about who they are. A car contains image, status, taste, and style, all in a high-powered, high-octane driving machine. So fair or not, a car makes a first impression like no other. That’s why it’s important to choose a car that works, and works for you, serving every aspect of who you are.

We’re talking about a major concept here, obviously. We’re talking about a piece of machinery that can take the drive “to infinity and beyond!” with a feeling that’s unbelievable light, smooth and airy. What a concept. What a feeling! If you don’t believe it, go ahead and schedule a meeting with an infiniti Dealer in Riverside to get the information.

Let’s get back to that suit of clothes though, shall we? No, a car isn’t exactly like a silk suit, yet the car a person drives can burnish an image just as beautifully as a designer Italian suit with a matching tie and silver cufflinks. That’s just a little bit of what the luxurious Infiniti has to offer. Not convinced? Need more? What are you waiting for? Go online and check out infiniti Qx Specials in Glendale, if you want to know more.

You’re intrigued for sure. Tempted, obviously. Well go ahead then, take a look. At least find out more. What are you waiting for, really? The Infiniti is the real deal. Check it out at No excuses now, it’s time to go. Get online. Get on the phone. Put on that special suit and get down to that Infiniti dealer today.

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