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In fact, automotive industry and the movies always have relevance. Many from the film was born of an idea to create a mass of future cars. But not infrequently also the latest cars on display through the movie.

This method is quite powerful for the automotive manufacturers, in order to introduce high-tech car through film media. On the other hand, the existence of the famous cars becomes more value than movie that aired.

There were cars famous because appearing in movie, as quoted Automotto.

- Chevy Camaro Transformers Special Edition
Several months after exiting bankruptcy, General Motors has finally released the Chevy Camaro is inspired by the comic characters and the Transformers movie.
Yellow car was made exactly to the character Bumblebee Autobot logo on the side panels, wheel covers, center console.

- Ford Mustang
The car that comes with two engine variants V6 and V8 has appeared in several films, one Fast and Furious and Gone in 60 Seconds.
Ford Mustang car is perfect for action movies. The body is stocky and powerful machine is capable when used to perform action scenes and speeding.

- Bumblebee Chevrolet Cruz
A company in Germany, Irmscher has developed a car that inspired the movie character Bumblebee in Transformers.
If the original Bumblebee is yellow with black stripe, Irmscher made a little different but still cool. Ie, by using black striped orange.
Bumblebee Chevrolet Cruz car is also made more flat 30 mm and added a pair of new exhaust on the back. Orange size 18-inch alloy wheels further enhance the appearance.

- Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Hammer
Ford racing car is one of the stars in the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Hammer car is now stored in Stratforf-upon-Avon for 40 years since it first appeared in the film made in 1968.
Car with a Ford v6 3L engine is expected to sell for around U.S. $ 2 million.

- 1966 Batmobile
Batmobile is one of the most futuristic car in a film that has inspired many people. One of which was inspired by the superhero Batman ride is Mark Kemp.
This guy has modified his car so much like the Batmobile with a pair of fins, rocket launchers, and a parachute.

- Mini Cooper S
A design studio from Bulgaria, Vilner has made the car Mini Cooper S after inspiration from Goodwood in movie The Italian Job.
Vilner successfully create a clone Bentley at Goodwood with a touch of the interior. He uses brown Napa leather and Alcantara on the seats, dashboard, door panels, roof lining and decorated with a diamond motif.

- Bourbon Power Car
The movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’s has inspired many people. Another one inspired by the film is Mickey Nilsson, 62 years old.
He modified his car with alcohol-backed companies Makers Mark. Later, Nissan took this car and display it as a concept car.

- sQuba Ruinspeed
Frank Rinderknecht has dreamed of making a submarine car since he saw James Bond film an episode of The Spy Who Loved Me.
A modification of the Swiss companies succeed in making the car thesQuba, which is able to provide performance as well as on land and water. Much like when James Bond escaped from the pursuit of the mafia with a car capable of running in the water.

- Audi A8 Tron
Audi A8 made Tron West Coast Custom home modifications. This car looks very shiny chrome with color cast throughout the body.
In the hands of powerful modifier of American origin, the Audi A8 Tron will be very bright when driving during the day. Another advantage of the Audi A8 Tron is that you can reflect over this car.

- Ferrari P540 superfast Aperta
The Italian car manufacturer, Ferrari has made a special car to Edward Wilson, an American movie fan. The car was named Ferrari P540 superfast Aperta.
The front does look like Scaglieti 612, but the car was inspired by Carrozeria. Such cars Ferrari ever made for the Fellini film in 1968.

Chevy Camaro Transformers Special Edition 450x440 Cars famous because appearing in movie

Chevy Camaro Transformers Special Edition

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Ford Mustang

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Mini Cooper S 450x337 Cars famous because appearing in movie

Mini Cooper S

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Audi A8 Tron