Ducati fastest motorcycle specification

Post On: 1 April 2013
April 1, 2013

Ducati motorcycle

Ducati motorcycle

Ducati fastest motorcycle specification – As has been reported previously, Ducati are designing the fastest motorcycle in world. Motor with 2WV code is armed with 3.0-liter engine, mated to IV4 (inline 4-cylinder engine in the model V) Desmosedici Hybrid.

This motor specification produces 501 BHP and 750 torque, power transfer using automatic gearbox 10 speed, Ducati feel this bike is too fast for humans to manually tooth replacement. Suzuki Hayabusa, Dodge Tomahawk, and MTT Y2K content riled when observing this Ducati motorcycle specification.

Power is too great, the front tires certainly raised so gas was opened. Ducati says otherwise, the anti-wheelie system, the division of labor occurs in both wheels with a combined ratio of 35:65. Conventional engine will drive the rear wheels, while the hybrid engine is plotted for the front wheels. This motor is the first to adopt the all-wheel drive.

Ducati fastest motorcycle specification
In normal mode, the process of reaching 400 km/h in just 7.26 seconds but the problem still exists on wind resistance. Engine work but still can reach 450 km/h, so Ducati has also developed a special helmet made of titanium and can help cut the wind as much as 30 percent.

Monoshock chassis Audi joined wheelbase to extreme for a bike, but it is for very high-speed stability. Using Pirelli tires for the use of up to 600 km / h. The whole machine is made by hand for three months, the material used to make the overall weight of just 281 kilograms.

Acceleration is very much needed the most extreme braking system with extreme levels anyway. Equipped with a very large discbrake the front and rear wheels, BS, EBD, Intelligent Emergency Braking, Cornering Brake Control, Panic Braking Control. Then the other features are TCS, Dynamic Stability Control, Electronic Traction Control and Adaptive air suspension damping.

Anyone can end up having massive power showers owned 2WV will be given the opportunity to be lauched two times a year at a secret facility owned by Volkswagen.

motorcycle specification

motorcycle specification

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