New Ford Everest price in Indonesia

Ford Motor Indonesia officially presented the New Ford Everest for the national four-wheel market. New Everest was launched to provide a new option for consumers who are looking for a great seven-passenger SUV.

New Ford Everest photo

New Ford Everest

Ford Motor Indonesia declares, New Everest is offered at a very competitive price. Entry level Everest WLC XLT 4×2 TDCi VGT manual transmission offering with price 356,8 million rupiah.

New Ford Everest price in Indonesia
Furthermore, the model New Ford Everest WLC XLT 4×2 AT 2.5L TDCi VGT sold at a price of USD 37000. And Everest WLC LTD 4×2 AT 2.5L TDCi VGT removable Rp388,5 million.

There are 4×4 models are also offered, namely New Ford Everest TDCi 4×4 MT 10-S Manual transmission, offered at a price of 435,5 million Rupiahs, all prices are already status on the road.

New Everest comes with a package of safety for the driver and passengers. Reinforced body construction with door intrusion beams and pillars A, B, and C. Strengthened to divert the impact of the driver and passengers while still maintaining the shape and integrity of the passenger safety cell.

Braking performance on New Ford Everest combines ABS with Load Sensing Proportioning Valve (LSPV). It is able to provide optimal braking on all surfaces. Dual front airbags and a limited edition model include side airbags.

New Ford Everest is available in a wide selection of attractive colors, including Metropolitan Grey, Sparkling Gold, Black Mica, Cool White, Highlight Silver, and Gunmetal Blue.

Ford Everest pics

Ford Everest