5 tips on how to care for your car tyres

Post On: 10 August 2013
August 10, 2013

Tyres are one of the most important parts of any vehicle. Helping a car, truck or van to stay on the road, tyres can be damaged. Although some drivers choose to buy cheap tyres in Belfast, there are many preventative measures to take so that tyres are usable for longer:

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Check tyre tread
Tyre tread should be checked on a regular basis. A tyre tread gauge can determine how thick tyre tread is. When tread depth falls below the legal limit of 1.6mm, a vehicle becomes dangerous and poses a risk to other drivers. Tyre tread can be checked in other ways. When a tyre is very smooth, it is less capable of gripping onto a road surface. Even in dry conditions, a vehicle can get out of control. By checking tyre tread and replacing a tyre when it falls below 1.6mm, police won’t stop a vehicle because it won’t be breaking the law.

Improve tyre pressure
The tyre pressure of every vehicle does decrease. Before going on a long journey or even when driving a couple of miles, check tyre pressure. When tyres are checked after a vehicle has been driven, an accurate reading cannot be taken. The same company which sells cheap tyres in Belfast can also help with checking tyre pressure because they have the relevant tools to do so. To find out what optimum tyre pressure is, refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Consequently, a driver will know exactly how much pressure should be in their tyres and not vice versa.

Align wheels
When wheels are damaged, wear and tear should be on the same areas. If damage is spread around a tyre, this can indicate that wheels aren’t aligned properly. Another sign of misaligned wheels is a vehicle moving from side-to-side when driving in a straight line. When wheels aren’t aligned, tyres can be damaged prematurely and a driver accrues a lot of expense because they have to be replaced. By getting a mechanic to find out if wheels need realigning, costly damage is prevented from happening.

Seek help when an object is lodged in a tyre
When a nail or any other sharp object is lodged in a tyre, this does not necessarily indicate a puncture. To avoid a puncture, visit a mechanic in order to find out if this is true. When a tyre has a slow puncture, it can cause a blowout which is very dangerous when driving on a motorway or A-road. Even if a small piece of glass becomes lodged in a tyre, ask a mechanic to confirm if it is punctured.

Find out if wheels should be balanced
When a vehicle isn’t balanced, its tyres can be damaged. In order to balance a vehicle, get help from a mechanic. This is because they can find out if more weight is currently being placed on a tyre than expected and is the reason why unnecessary tyre damage has happened.

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