Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R technology

Post On: 28 August 2013
August 28, 2013

Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R technology – coming to the mat Frankfurt Motor Show, Toyota car manufacturer a little start to tap information about the Yaris Hybrid-R. One of the grandest automotive exhibition in mainland Europe it would be a witness to the world debut of Toyota’s flagship hatchback.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R

Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R

After read from autoevolution, Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R will be strengthened 1.6-liter turbocharged engine capable of pouring power of 300 horsepower. Gasoline engine power output is channeled through the front wheels.

While the 120 horsepower from the electric motor is distributed through the rear wheels. If both are combined the power capable of producing 420 bhp.

Info Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R technology
When using Road mode, the electric motor can give a power of 40 hp at an interval of 10 seconds. When you select Track mode the power output to 60 hp with a time of five seconds.

Braking system adopts regenerative braking. During the brake system is working then the electric motor acts as a generator and capacitors store energy into super. According to Toyota, the super capacitor charging light can save time compared to nickel-metal hydride battery (NiMh).

In addition, Toyota also buried a third electric motor positioned between the engine and six-speed sequential transmission. This Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R machine is used to help recharge the super capacitors during braking and can immediately turn on the rear electric motor when accelerating.

electric motor

electric motor

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