The famous Korean car manufacturer list

Post On: 14 June 2012
July 14, 2012

car manufacturer

car manufacturer

The famous Korean car manufacturer list. The European and Japanese car manufacturer are the famous car manufacturer all over the world. But, in nowadays you can see that Korean car manufacturer develop in the high level all over the world. You can see cars that produced by Korean car manufacturer are everywhere. Not only in the Asia, but also in the America or even in Europe. It is not impossible anymore for Korean car manufacturer to develop their product outside of the Asia.

Actually, there are many car manufacturer in south Korea, but not all of them has the famous name. There are two of the Korean car manufacturer list that have famous name in the entire world. We could say that they are famous because if you compare with other korean car manufacturer, the two of this Korean car produsen are known well for people. The Korean car manufacturer list are here:

1. Hyundai Motor Company
People know the Hyundai Motor Company products namely hyundai, with the logo “H”. This company succes to sold 3.61 million vehicles in the global market and took places in the 65th of the 100 world brands of the car manufacturer all over the world. It becomes the success car manufacturer from korea. The slogan of this company is “new thinking. New possibilities”. It means that if it growth with new idea, it will create new values for a better product.

2. Kia motors
People known the Kia Motors products namely KIA, with the logo “KIA”. This is the second in the list of Korean car manufacturer that famous in the entire world. There are many types of this products, such as the famous one is picanto. It sold in the first place from the KIA products. This company is being focused in the management team who play an important role to growing the KIA brand in the entire world.

Kia motors

Kia motors

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